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Sleep is Essential

As I was going home from my restaurant job, I noticed a call missed.
It was my co-worker at Company S, and I guess the movie I finished yesterday was "unfinished" again.

It didn't save correctly.


So I had to go to work at 10pm to work on it.

But obviously, I had a long day, and couldn't translate at all.

It took me 2 hours to do about 200 subtitles, which isn't much.
Especially if I translated it before.

So I left.

Really, you cannot translate when you are sleepy.
Your mind just doesn't function.

The other day, a simple word such as "gong" didn't come out.
I had to go to my co-worker and describe it to him.

"What was that thing where it looks like this, and you go 'booooon' to it from the side?"


"Yeah, that's right! I could only think of cymbals, and I knew that was wrong!"

This is why I have to make sure I get enough sleep at conventions when I interpret.
Because that's when your mind really has to be alert.


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