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Video Game Work

I haven't done much video game work in a while and didn't expect any for the rest of the year.
But a client contacted me just now to ask how my schedule looked.

I would NEVER say no to a video game client, so of course I told him I'm pretty much free.

He'll give me more detail later, but it looks like it's going to be due within the month of June.
I have two projects for June, which is a really slow month.
So I am pretty much free.

Let's hope it's a video game that I have interest in.
No more EverQuest or anything similar, please...

At least this conversation is pushing me to finish Speed Grapher.
Even with the Company TP news that came out today, I should finish this...right?


I know what you mean when you say "never saw no to a video game client". I just recently started getting work in that area. Tight deadlines, but....


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