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Fanime 2008 Day 4

Last day.
I went with them to SFO to see them off.

I was "released" earlier than I anticipated, so I was hoping I can change my flight to something earlier at Southwest...


Ugh, holiday weekend!
Everything was booked.

So I had a lot of time.
At least I had work from Company BEI to read...

For lunch I ate at Go Bistro.
The food was not good...
I chose this place only because they had comfy cushions.

Go Bistro

So that ended my Fanime 2008.
My friend F asked me if I would ever take care for 50 people again.
Judging from the time I need to recover from the convention (two to three days), maybe not.
Depends on my workload, I guess.

So here are the gifts from Company G:

The rest of the Gurren Lagann DVDs.
Gifts from Japan

The limited edition of the new Evangelion movie DVD.
Gifts from Japan

Some stuff from England, from their research trip.
Gifts from Japan (England)

And this is the yosegaki I got for Fanime 2008.
It's not all 46 Company G staff...just those who went to dinner on Saturday, including Maika Netsu sensei.
Oops, I had forgotten to tell her that I translated Devil Princess...oh well.
Fanime 2008


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