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Fanime 2008 Day 3

We went again to San Francisco, but this time the staff was completely free to do whatever they wanted.
Otsuka-san wanted to see Iron Man, so I gave him the times and the location.
(He was sitting next to me on the bus, so I also gave him information about US anime cons in general).

I hung out with Yamaga-san and Takeda-san.
We first rode the ferry that went under the Golden Gate Bridge.
I was actually happy to do this because it was something I didn't do the last time I came to San Francisco.

Yamaga-san took many pictures.
GAINAX @ San Francisco

Golden Gate Bridge from the cruise.
San Francisco

We then went to the Francescan Restaurant to eat crab.
It was so good.
The amount we spent on the food was how much I would spend on food in about 3 weeks.
But it was so good.

This is Yamaga-san looking at the mussels.
GAINAX @ San Francisco

Crab feast (for 4 people).
Franciscan Crab Restaurant

We had a lot of food, but managed to finish most of it.
Franciscan Crab Restaurant

We then stopped by the Ghirahideli Factory.

San Francisco

The two bought chocolate for the people in Japan.

Then we headed back to Fanime.

It's the dreaded event as an interpreter...the meet the guests reception!
Interpreters never get to eat at this event.
So before the event started I took pictures of the food that I didn't get to eat.

Fanime 2008

Fanime 2008

Fanime 2008

Fanime 2008

Fanime 2008

Once the fans came in, we had them stay on one side of the room while the Company G staff stayed on the other side.
We introduced every staffer there...a total of 46 employees.
It took just about an hour to finish, and those who were there know how bad I was (not memorizing names or their occupation), but I didn't get much sleep over the past 3 days.
I just wish there were microphones in the room to do the introduction.
I had a REALLY hard time hearing some of the staff.

After the introductions I had to troubleshoot here and there.
I won't get into details, but it was really tiring.

I wish the day had ended there...but then there was the Gurren Lagann panel.
It was pretty much packed, which was really nice to finish off the convention experience for the Company G staff.

The panelists were Otsuka-san, Yamaga-san, Takeda-san, Manabe-"Hige"-san, and Yoshinari-san.
Yoshinari-san had to leave early, so Yamada-san took his place.

The only thing I remember from this panel is about Yomako-sensei.
Someone commented that she looks like another anime character, and wanted to know if it was on purpose.
Otsuka-san answered that "what you're probably thinking is correct."

Here are the fans who were present.

Fanime 2008

Fanime 2008

At the end, they all held up their pointed finger and it was so cute!
I wanted to take a picture but couldn't...

After the panel I was "released" so I went to go eat with Company B staff Jonathan, freelance editor D, Company V graphic designer F, and MangaCast contributor BrianP.

Phew. What a long day.


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