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Fanime 2008 Day 2

Today was our "tour San Francisco Day 1" day.
The Company G people had a crazy schedule where they went to San Francisco during the day and Fanime during the night.

This is our bus and one of our tour guides. (There were three total).


The bus said "Company G-sama."

We went to Twin Peaks first.

It was a cloudy day...
Twin Peaks

But the staff still had fun, it seems.

The garbage truck came by, and they were all amazed by it.
Because in Japan there are about two men per truck, throwing small trash bags into the back of the bin by hand.
I told them that it's handy, but wakes you up every week.

Shudo-san wearing a Gurren Lagann t-shirt with a Company G jacket over it.
It looked cool because of the transparency.

Then we went to the Conservatory of Flowers.

Takeda-san pointed out the graffiti.

We went on the rare occasion where they take out the flowers.
I actually preferred this.

Everyone was freezing, yet Yamaga-san was wearing a t-shirt!
He had just come from England, and said it was warmer than there...

Then we went to the Golden Gate bridge.

It looked really cool with the fog.
I prefer dark visuals (gloomy or nighttime images), so I loved it!
This is the staff taking pictures of the bridge.

Then we went to Fisherman's Wharf to have lunch.

We went to Neptune's Palace.

The staff watching a performance below.

The food was so-so.
This is stuffed half Maine lobster.

We then went to the Winchester Mystery House.

The house that inspired the arc "Blood Stained Labyrinth" in Ghost Hunt...
San Jose

Since we couldn't go inside because we didn't have time, most of the staff went to Toys R Us to shop.
Takeda-san and I went to Brooks Brother to buy shirts because the US has more options available.
Takeda-san's theme for today's shopping was green.
Sorry, I forgot to take pictures of the shirts.
They were nice. And about 4 times more expensive than the clothes I buy.

We then went back to Fanime to do the Gurren Lagann panel for Company BEI.

Company A, Company BEI, and Company G.
Fanime 2008

Since Toshi Yoshida was a panelist he interpreted for Takeda-san and Yamaga-san.
I finally got to meet Robert, my client, in person.

I don't remember much from this panel because I was talking to my friend F most of the time.
If this was a Code Geass panel I would've been more interested because I worked on some of it, but...oh well.

Then there was the Masquerade.
We stayed for about three entries and went to dinner.
I think the dot-anime blog by Shizuki has some information about it, but I did get to meet some Company V staff (they are not my client).
I sat with Yamaga-san, Takeda-san, Sadamoto-san, and Iida-san.
Iida-san had many interesting stories to tell, but I don't think I should repeat it here.
Actually a lot went on but I shouldn't talk about it, so that's it for dinner.

After dinner I met up with several staff to figure out how they can spend tomorrow shopping for comics and toys.
We were able to figure it out.
Thanks to Iida-san and Shudo-san for letting us use their room...


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