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Fanime 2008 Day 1

I woke up extremely early to go back to SFO, to meet up with Company G.
Company G was coming in two I went to meet the first group.

We came back to the hotel, checked in, and headed to the opening ceremonies.
For some reason this year it was out in the open (in the hallway of the convention center).
Fitting in 50 Company G guests in a tiny space was tough.

Anyway, the three guests of honor went first.
Yamaga-san talks way too much before the translation break, as always.
Otsuka-san never says much but he gives me a LOT of breaks.
(Because I asked him to right before we went up).
Sadamoto-san is funny...he did this last time I worked with him, but he always looks at my notes.
So when Yamaga-san is talking and I'm taking notes, he's reading them.
It's rather embarassing because my writing is messy when I interpret.

Then Yamaga-san introduced the entire Company G staff.
The crowd was roaring, so I heard a staff say, "What a good convention!"
So there you go, Fanime.

We then had the "What is Company G? The Everyday Life at Company G" panel.
Let's see if I can remember anything we talked about...(looking at notes)

They showed their 20th year anniversary DVD.

I think this is the panel where Takeda-san "accidentally slipped" that there are going to be two Gurren movies.

Someone asked a question about negative reactions they got from fans.
Otsuka-san answered that one time, after Evangelion, someone wrote "DIE" (死ね) on their company entrance.
Since those types of fans tend to use 2-channel terminology, I wonder if the kanji was "氏ね." Haha.
(Sorry for those who can't read the Japanese on my blog).

There were other stuff...but please check out other convention reports.
My notes are messy and quite frankly they don't make much sense anymore.

After the panel was the autograph session.
There were seven people + one on the side doing it.
Can I name them all?
Let's see...

Takeda-san chose them out of the 50 staff.
When Hasegawa-san asked, "Why me? Why me?" he answered that a girl should be included for visual aestheticism.
I like how Takeda-san thinks.

It was a really tiring day for Company G, but I think they all did okay.
The people who stayed through the panel and the autograph session hadn't eaten yet.
(Including me...I was starving).

I went back to the hotel and ate King's Hawaiian Bread.

King's Hawaiian Bread & Kashi

By the way, I always eat King's Hawaiian Bread at conventions.
They're easy to eat in the morning and come in small sections, so they're very handy.
I recommend it to those who want to save money on food or are too lazy to go out and get food.
(I'm going to continue mentioning this until they give me free stuff.
Their factory is about a 20 minute drive on the freeway from where I live!)


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