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Fanime 2008 Day 0

Today I got up early to get to the realize when I got there I had forgotten my cell.
It's almost the single most important thing to have at a convention!

So I had to borrow my sister's. She's currently using mine right now.

I arrived at SFO to meet up with L, the translator for Maika Netsu at Fanime.
She is a fellow at-home freelance translator like me, so we got to talk about the industry and work conditions.
Which is nice because I don't have that many freelance translator friends.

L worked on the Evangelion manga so she is looking forward to meeting Sadamoto-san.

We greeted Maika Netsu and her editor from Jive and headed to San Jose.
It was both their first time in the U.S, and they gave the usual responses to how big the freeway is and etc. ^_^

I only spent half day with them because I wanted to finish some work in the hotel room.
So after we had lunch and went around the convention center, we parted ways.
At lunch they were surprised how big the portions were.

This is what I had.

The City Bar & Grill @ Hilton San Jose

It was very good and healthy!

T-san, the Jive editor, had cheese steak sandwich and commented how unhealthy it was.

At night I met up with my graphic designer friend F and we talked about a lot of things.
Mostly industry stuff, but other stuff too.
I had so much fun...
I'm safe to say that I only come to Fanime to see F and Ed from MangaCast.


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