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Happy (blank)!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!
Happy Boys' Day!
Happy Children's Day!

There's various Happy (blanks)! but the only thing I did was sleep today.
And maybe work on a few pages of Shugo Chara #6.

The other day my mother brought me kashiwa mochi to eat.

Kashiwa Mochi

I thought I explained it before, but I couldn't find it in my archives.

Kashiwa is Japanese Emperor Oak, and the kashiwa mochi is called so because the leaf is used to wrap the mochi.

The leaves of the kashiwa don't fall until new ones grow.
So eating kashiwa mochi is to wish for the family to stay healthy...and so the family line won't cease.

May 5 is now "boys' day" or "children's day," but originally it was an event for girls.
Before they started planting the rice in the old days, they would have the girls go to a shrine (or a temporary shed) to purify themselves for the gods of the fields.

It only changed to something for the boys during the Heian Period.
But it's a little complicated to explain now and I have work to do.


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