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Project G Prep Starting

Broccoli Books did announce that they have a new title other than Kon Kon Kokon and Galaxy Angel 2, but they had to wait until San Diego Comic-Con to announce it per SQUARE ENIX’s request.

They have reasons for it, but it was good because that gave me more time to do the promo items.

So I’m working on some stuff for them with my graphics person.

One was easy; I just had to choose an image and tell the graphics person what to do.

The second one?

A little harder, because it involved more text.

And I had to do it in a few hours, because Broccoli Books gave me the assignment around 8:30pm, and I turned it in for their approval at 11:25pm.
So about 3 hours.

During that time I had to skim through the multiple volumes (although mostly just volume 1) and decide the content.
I also had to do translations too. 2.5 pages of volume 1.

Well anyway Broccoli Books will have it ready by SDCC, so please look out for it!
I don’t know their booth number or when their panel is.


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