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Working at Fanime

It's sort of semi-official, but I will be working at Fanime.
I am translating for Company G.
The details aren't really announced anywhere, so I'll keep my mouth shut...but it's going to be a lot of work.

It's funny that I got the offer to work right after Fanime rejected my industry badge.
I've never been rejected an industry badge, so I was surprised...
I guess Company G will get me a badge?

So for now I am chugging out translations so that anything due around Fanime would be taken care of before I leave.
Busy, busy, busy...
I won't even have time to enjoy my 2nd blogaversary.
Which is today...I think...

I want to do a give-away thing again, but would I have time?
And I have much more to give this year...samples and stuff...


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