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Never the Same Translation

Since I had a film to translate that was due Monday, I had to go to work yesterday.

I had finished on Friday, and I just had to double-check spellings and consistency and whatnot.

I opened up the file and...

Oh my gosh!

Everything I did on Friday was gone.
That was about 4 hours of work.

The backup file was the same file, so I had no other choice but to redo it.

Since the translation was fresh in my mind, it didn't take long.
(It still took me 2 or 3 hours though)

It was funny because some translations I knew they weren't the same as the last time I did it.
That's the thing with translations.
Almost always there is more than one way to translate a sentence.

So usually when I translate, what takes long is trying to decide which translation is more accurate.
When I'm working on film, I also have to worry about word count too.

Anyway, I finished close to midnight.

I'm doing three films for this one sorta-famous Japanese director.
This one about the prostitutes is my favorite.
It really made me want to read Takekurabe again.
I think I have a photocopied version somewhere I used in college...


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