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Kimi ni Todoke

I finally got Kimi ni Todoke (AKA Kimi-Todo, which is a pretty ridiculous shortened term) #5.

It's been on hold forever because it's really popular in Japan right now and the bookstores are stocking up.
I'm glad #5 came because #6 is on its way.

The story revolves around Sawako, who is misunderstood by her classmates because she looks gloomy (like Sadako from The Ring, which is her nickname).
She is often helped out by Kazehaya, a popular boy in school.
Through friendship and love she is able to resolve the misunderstandings around her (such as she can curse you, etc) and grow as a human being.

My favorite character is Pin, the comic relief teacher who thinks Sawako has exorcist powers.
Before the school sports festival, he told his students that if they suck in sports to not come to school that day.

I also like Chizuru because she reads The Glass Mask.
And makes a reference in the story.

Kimi ni Todoke is serialized in Betsusatsu Margaret, which I used to read in high school and college (I think).
BetsuMa has a lot of good stuff...Ren'ai Catalogue, Itazura na Kiss, Bara-iro no Ashita, etc.
It's too bad I don't read it anymore.

The one in the red shirt is Pin.

It's so popular I think it'd come to the US sooner or later.
Hopefully it does.
It's a heart-warming story...and I usually don't like heart-warming stories.
It's that good!


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