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Japanese Tests

I've recently updated my resume so that I can have a separate page of my translation experience.
My whole resume used to fit in one page, but now that I'm getting to translate a little bit more, I need to add another page.

I also updated the section where it lists my Japanese skill ability.
I passed two Japanese proficiency tests, the Japan Foundation one and the JETRO business one.
For Japan Foundation I passed the level 1 test, and for the JETRO one I passed the J1+ test.

Now the weird thing about Japanese and their levels...
The smaller the number is, the better it is.

I don't know, this is opposite from those RPG games, right?
I mean, if you're at level 1 you have a hard time killing a cute little slime in Dragon Quest.
(I'm more of a Dragon Quester, not a Final Fantasy-er).

So I used to write in my cover letter that I passed the proficiency tests at the highest level, but I figured I'll save reading time if I put it on my resume instead.

I get questions at conventions on how one could be a translator, but I usually tell them it might be a good idea to get certification.
Although I don't know if it helped.
They might've hired me because of my charms. :D

The JETRO test and Japan Foundation tests are usually held in December:

JETRO test
I guess now it's called the BJT test.

JLPT test


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