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Natto So Good

My stash of natto came back from my mother's fridge.
She was keeping it for me while my condo went through fumigation.

I've been craving natto for the last two weeks.

I usually eat them in the morning, but if I can, I will eat it three times a day.

Just from what I've noticed, many people from the Kansai region don't really like natto.
And men don't like it either.
My father is from the Kansai region and he didn't like it.
I don't think I met a guy who likes it...

Although when I worked at a ramen restaurant, the kitchen guys (who were Latino) loved it.
They would chop up green onion and have it over rice, like a typical Japanese person.

My favorite way of having natto is with green onion, okra, and Chinese hot sauce (made by Huy Fong).
Some people put raw egg in it, but actually I prefer it with a sunny-side up.
Some people stir it before putting the sauce (or soy sauce) in to make it more sticky, but I like putting the sauce in first.
I've seen people put sugar on natto, but I would never do that.

The saddest thing is how expensive natto is.
A three-pack is on average $1.59.
What a rip-off! In Japan I can buy the same brand for 79 yen.
So I usually wait until they go on sale for 99 cents and buy a bunch.
The limit is 6 per customer so I make many trips or take a family member.

For those of you who never tried natto, I would recommend getting the "natto-ichi" brand.

Looks like this:

Or you can order a natto-maki at a sushi restaurant.


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