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Big vs Small

I was reading some Japanese article today and it was talking about Big vs. Small.

The flushing lever of Japanese toilets can be pushed up or down.
I think Big is up, and Small is down? I don't remember.
Anyway, it indicates how much water will be used to flush.
Big is used for poo.
In Japanese, poo is called daiben, literally "big excretion (in this case, feces)" and pee is called shoben, literally "small excretion (in this case, urine)."

I guess most people flush using Big.
Reasons vary.
I think the most common one is that for Big, you just have to push it up once and it's over, whereas for Small you have to hold it down (in some cases) until you feel you've flushed enough.

But to conserve energy people should be using Small whenever possible.
The amount of water, according to this article, is 2 liters.
2 liters!

I'm just wondering what you should use for diarrhea.
I guess it varies on what kind of diarrhea you have...

This was one of the random Japanese culture information posts.

I spent the whole day watching Aussie Open.
(Translation: I didn't work).


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