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Kitchen Princess Summary

Del Rey has announced Kitchen Princess, but it seems like no one knows what it's about.

Since I can't use the summary I wrote for Del Rey (my work belongs to them), I'll try to re-cap:

The story is about Najika, a girl who enjoys cooking.
She grew up in an orphanage in Hokkaido, and she is always making food for the little ones.
She also has a talent to figure out what ingredients are in food and how it was made.

When Najika was younger, she fell into a river and a boy saved her. She asked why the boy didn't just let her die, because then maybe she could've gone see her parents in heaven. The boy replies that her parents would've wanted her to stay here, so she can keep smiling. He gives Najika his snack (a flan) and leaves.
Najika doesn't remember the boy's face but he left one clue: a silver spoon with an emblem on it.

Najika discovers that the emblem is from an academy. She applies for the academy and goes to Tokyo to find her "flan prince."

It's a shojo title if you can't tell.
The boy is like Cinderella. He leaves a clue (a spoon and not a shoe) and Najika uses it to find him.


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