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Health Insurance

I think I mentioned losing my health insurance earlier.

So I finally got to looking up plans.

First, I decided what I want.
I want to keep my current doctors, so it has to be a PPO.

I also want an HSA.
So that meant I had to get a PPO plan with a high deductible.
Well, maybe this will discourage me from making pointless trips to the doctor and encourage me to take care of myself.

Then I calculated the different costs I spent on medical bills.
It turns out that I don't spend much on dental (just regular cleaning and xrays), so I decided I don't need dental.
And I guess I didn't see the doctor much last year.
Most of it was the premium I paid every month.

So I figured I could just have a high deductible and low premiums for this year.
If I need the funds, I can just take them out of my HSA.

Dealing with health insurance was so easy when I worked for Company H.

This is one more headache you have when you are a freelancer.


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