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Homeless Half Day

Our condo is going through fumigation.
So I was homeless until 3pm, my check-in time.

I went all the way to Torrance (20 min drive) to buy birthday gifts for a friend.
I went to three different places to buy gifts for one person!
Now that's love.

I had lunch at one of my favorite restaurants in Torrance.
Peruvian food.

I usually don't go to restaurants to eat lunch (I usually make lunch at home or order to go).
Besides, it's expensive.

When in Torrance I passed by three of my clients' offices:
Company A, Company AP, and Company BV.
I didn't stop by because I looked like crap.

Speaking of Company AP, they called me today.
Asking me about the progress of Walkin' Butterfly...because I didn't turn it in yet.
I was sleeping on it to check it one last time before I send it.

I went to Sports Chalet to buy t-shirts, but they didn't have it.
I did buy a t-shirt for my voice actor friend Stephanie.
Her birthday is April, so I have to keep it around until then.

By this time I was really tired.
I don't stay out this long usually...
I'm not used to outside, so I would run 2 errands and call it a day.
This freelance gig is really unhealthy.

I checked in in the afternoon and spent all day watching the Law & Order franchise while working on Kitchen Princess.
The author wrote that she used Excel for the first time for this volume.
My friend Ards would be shocked.

This is such a boring entry I shouldn't post it.
Oh well!


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