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Mr. Tea

I am working on Kitchen Princess #8.
Seiya, one of my favorite characters in this series, has a lot to say in this volume.

Of course there is another "battle" of their food in this volume.
What's a cooking manga without a battle, anyway?

Anyway, Seiya even makes an appearance in Kitchen Palace, the recipe section.
In this volume he teaches you the proper way to make tea.

I learned the best way to pour green tea while I was working at a high-end Japanese restaurant during college.
I was in charge of the sushi section and my first duty every shift was to pour the sushi chefs tea.
Yes, it was very OL-like of me, but it was a very Japanese-hierarchy restaurant.

The main thing is to lower the temperature of the hot water before you pour it onto the tea leaves.
So you put the hot water into the cups you will serving the tea in first.
You can also warm the cups this way.

And when you pour the tea into the cups, make sure you pour it a little at a time per cup so you have even-colored tea in all cups.


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