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"Volunteer" Restaurant Work

I am helping out at my old workplace this week.
A busy, casual sushi restaurant in Korea Town.
I used to work at this place when I was 16.
And why am I back?

Because they asked me to fill in while some girl went to Japan.

I actually don't mind.
I like serving people, and I like my co-workers.

It's just that I don't like it when they know my age and think that it's my full-time job.
No! I have a career! I do!
It's a shaky one and I don't know when I'll lose work, but it's a career nonetheless.

Anyway, I call this a "volunteer" job because even though I get paid, my pay is not that different from when I was 16 and it's really not worth it.
It's like I'm working for free.
The money I make is going straight to my massage therapist from the back pain I get from standing all day.


I don't mind volunteer work, but not during a deadline...
I have a deadline on Monday.


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