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Busy Christmas Weekend

This weekend is the busiest shopping day in the year.
Most people think Black Friday is the busiest, but according to stats it's the Saturday before Christmas.
It shows how much people procrastinate with shopping.

Anyway, I did not want to be around a mall, outlet, electronics store, or anything that might be swarmed with people.

So instead I went to go play tennis at UCLA.

The big stadium court was taken by a tennis camp for kids, so we went to the other courts.
It was really sunny and I got sunburned.

Later in the evening I had a Rockband party at my house.
Four guys and's a harem!
Harem of loser's like bizarro Love Hina or something.

Oops, I think some of them read my blog!
They're not losers...they're just nerdy/geeky.

I was actually the biggest loser dressed in work clothes (translation=pajamas).

I also started working on title S for Company TP.


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