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Holiday Party for Company A

The holiday party for Company A was held at Flemings Steakhouse.
It was $6 for valet...I usually never pay so much for valet unless I have to (like I'm going to an opera or something...although I never go to operas), but oh well.
The dinner was free.
Thank you, Company A!

The one thing I was happy about was meeting another Japanese-speaking lady who played video games.
Puzzle games!
We talked about Gyakuten Saiban (of course!) and Momotaro Dentetsu.

I haven't worked for Company A for a few months now, but their employee count doubled.
So I got them something in Japan in September (which I only got around to delivering now), but it was a keychain set of 6 items.
So I'm short.
I gave it to them anyway, but I don't know how they're going to distribute it.

It shows me that I need to keep in touch with my clients more...


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