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Finished Sunshine Sketch #1

I finished Sunshine Sketch #1.

There were a lot of Japanese culture references.

The one that I had to explain was Janken Steps.
Actually, the name is called "Glico" in Japanese, but there's no explanation of why it's called that.
"Glico" is one of the terms you use in the game, but...weird.
I'm sure it's because it's a kids' game and all kids know what Glico is (a candy company...they make Pocky!)
But I can't put an assumption as a translation note.

I used to play "Glico" (Janken Steps) as a kid in Japanese school.
I wonder if kids still play it?

There is another translation note about foxes/kitsune/inari sushi.
It's a three-step translation note!
I felt like I'm in Geometry class.
Where you take steps to explain something?
Using the "therefore" sign?

I used to eat inari sushi (it's actually inari zushi because of linguistics) as a kid too.
They were also known as "footballs" too.
Because the color and the shape is similar.


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