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Fighting for Space

Ever since it got cold in LA, I moved my workspace.
I used to sit at my desk in the living room, but it's located next to a window that doesn't close completely.
The draft!

Now I sit on the chase part of the couch, right in front of the TV.
This section was the cat's favorite spot to sit, and currently we are at war.

Every time I get up from the space, she would take it.
Sometimes sitting on my keyboard or my manga.

When I need her to move, I just pick her up and throw her to the side, but sometimes she would attack me.

Sometimes I wonder who owns this house. The cat?

Sitting on the couch to work is better for my wrists because the keyboard is lower, but it's bad for my back.

I will have to go get a massage tomorrow or the next day.
My therapist, Yoshi, always comments that my shoulders are like a rock.
He also says I'm too young to have shoulders that hard.
Especially when there's a lot of meat there.


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