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Christmas Presents

I've been buying several electronic "toys" for myself.
Yes, these are Christmas presents for me.
My family doesn't trade Christmas presents, and unfortunately I don't have that many friends to buy gifts for.
So most of the year-end spending is for me.
And to increase my tax deduction.

The first gift I received was a brand new laptop.

I bought this as a "backup" laptop to store all of my music and whatnot, but also for my assistant to use if I ever get an assistant.
The one thing I didn't buy this laptop for was to travel with.

It is HUGE!

But I enjoy watching DVDs on it.

I also got a DS lite for myself.
I've been using my sister's for the past year and used up the original battery (so I bought her a new one, which was really expensive!)
I really wanted a navy blue one to match my new laptop, but since those are only in Japan, I settled with what was left over in Target.
It's not my favorite color, but it's okay.

I also ordered an ergonomic keyboard.

I'm still wondering if I should get an HD-DVD player or a PS3.
Or both.


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