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Holiday Parties for a Freelancer

Because I work alone, when I finish a project I celebrate that alone.
(I would like to celebrate with friends, but I'm sure they won't want to go out at 4am in the morning).

And since I don't belong to a company, I don't get to do company holiday parties anymore either.

So I was surprised when Company A invited me to their holiday party.
I haven't worked with them since July/August, but it was sweet that the president remembered me.

Company A's party will be held at a steak house.
I was looking at their menu and the salmon bruschetta looks good!!!
Usually the food at company parties suck because they spend money on the venue.
(I went to a holiday party for Experian once, and I guess they spent all the money on the poker dealers or something, because the food was meh).
But this one I am definitely looking forward to.

Speaking of holiday parties, I am co-planning the holiday party for my group of friends this weekend.
Last year we had over 40 people...this year I tried to cut it down, but still got 31 on the list.
I'm in charge of the "battle for gifts" games.
I always have a sore throat at the end of the night yelling over the noise, which is why I prefer less people present.


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