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2007 Hawaii Trip Day 6 & Day 7

Day 6

Went to the swap meet again in the morning.

Then went to Sea Life Park, which is like Sea World crammed up into one tiny space, with less sharks.

By the way, this is where they keep the world's only "wholpins."

My friend Y went to go swim with the dolphins, but said it was a lot of money for such a short program.

I was just happy to see penguins up so close.

Day 7

Spent most of my time in a spa, watching a Project Runway marathon (season 2) and getting a mud scrub.

Then left for Los Angeles at midnight.

I love Hawaii (this is my third time visiting), but Los Angeles is the place to be.

I came home to find some of my Genshiken manga missing and freaked out.
So that delayed my work for a few hours.


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