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2007 Yaoi Con Day 3

Day 3.
Part of this post is recommended for 18+.

Please highlight to read the part.

Today was the day when most of my clients had panels.

First off was Company DQ.

Wow, it's pretty crazy.
I never knew.

I was happy when DevilxDevil got a big applause.
I didn't know I was working on such a popular manga.

I was sitting in the front with Ed from MangaCast and when Tran asked people to volunteer to fake an orgasm, I FORCED Ed to go.
(Sorry Ed! But you did was it really recorded?)

My graphic designer friend F was saying how sad that I made him go.

If you would like to hear it, please email him at MangaCast and tell him to post the audio.

Next up in the same panel room was Company TP.

They announced some of the projects I worked on:


This is a novel.
There are currently 10 volumes out with more to come.

A boy named Kaito accidentally time-travels to the 16th century and joins some pirates to fight against the Spanish Armada.
I keep saying that this novel is about "gay pirates" but actually the only gay one is Geoffrey.

Baseball Heaven

This is the "baseball manga" I was talking about last week.
But as editor A said, it's not much about the game.

The team is based on the Hanshin Tigers because the author is from that area and is a big fan.

Uno and Ogata are on the same baseball team, but Ogata is worried that Uno is avoiding him because of his sexual orientation. But actually... the story.

The term "Perfect Game" comes up a lot in this manga.
According to Wikipedia more people have orbited the moon than complete a perfect game.
It's that hard.

But hey, this is manga.

After TP was Company B.
That was in a smaller room and it was packed!
People had to stand.
I was helping director S with the PowerPoint...while eating nachos.
How rude of me!

They announced:

Cigarette Kisses

No, it's not a threesome.

This is Nase Yamato's "challenge" to do something different from what she usually does.

It's a love triangle between three businessmen who know each other since junior high.

I haven't started on this yet...and I have to soon.

I really like this book.
I think it's one of Nase Yamato's best.
It's serious, but she does add her elements of comedy (very casually).

Sorry I don't have the release dates for any of these books.
Please check MangaCast or YaoiSuki (they were taking notes) for that.

After the panel I left yaoi con to drive back down to LA.
I still have to go return the rental car. Buh.


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