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2007 Yaoi Con Day 2

Day 2.

I first went to the 801/June panel.
They went through a lot of new titles, most of them I don't know.
I caught up with Ed from MangaCast here.

We stayed in the room for Mamiya Oki & Tsubasa Kawahara's focus panel.
It was one of the best organized panels I ever experienced at any con.
Of course, Oki sensei forgot sample books and her brush and stuff,
but she seems to be used to being interpreted.
She cuts off her sentences.
I wish all guests were like that!

Then it was Hinako Takanaga's panel.
My mind was elsewhere during this panel, but my friend Y won an autographed postcard.

Then a short break before the autograph sessions.

In line I met editor L from Company TP for the first time.
I saw her for the first time at SDCC at their panel.
She was funny then; funny in line too.
Editor L edited the Fumi Yoshinaga books I worked on.
(Truly Kindly and Lovers in the Night).
So it's no wonder the writing is good!

After the autograph sessions I met M-san from Company AP.
She is also very funny.

Then I left the con because the auction was out of seats.
So I went to eat pho and went back to the hotel to work.

My throat is hurting a lot right now.

Usually to maintain my health at conventions I:
1) carry around Airborne and take it as necessary
2) carry around Zicam when I think a cold is coming
3) carry around isojin (a Japanese product used in gargling)
4) drink lots of water
5) wash my hands a lot
6) wear a mask (which falls off each time I talk...editor T from Company YP laughed at that)

But I still get sick.
Really, it's my tonsils.

I'm going to have another doctor appointment rush soon.
Right now I'm worried most about my throat, but my heel (I have a spur) is hurting too.


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