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2007 Yaoi Con Day 1

Day 1 at Yaoi Con, but all I did was get my industry badge (sponsored by Company B--thank you!) and help Company B set up to repay them going through the trouble for getting the badge for me.
The industry badges are getting harder to obtain for freelancers lately.
At Anime Expo, it was $10 a day or something if you're industry without an exhibit space.
Here at Yaoi Con, you needed to be sponsored by one of the companies you work for.
Well, I had about 10 choices here (3 if BL-related) but still.
A freelancer asking a client for a favor is pretty hard for most people, I would think.

I do think it's a good idea to limit what is considered "industry," though.
Or you'll end up with something like E3, where Best Buy employees are considered "industry."


I caught up with T from Company DQ at the dealer's room, and my graphic designer friend F and editor T from Company YP outside the hotel.
I haven't seen them all since summer, so it was nice.

I was also introduced to people of Ozora Publishing.
Mr. T is one of the 3 male editor-in-chiefs of BL magazines in Japan.
Now I am going to search through magazines to see who the other two are.

I came back to the hotel to discover that I am getting a new project.
November already has...5 deadlines.
That's more than 1 a week!


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