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Busy Busy Weekend

I had a busy weekend.

I had a wedding to attend on Saturday, and went to Knott's Scary Farm on Sunday.
And during that time I had to work on two manga.

Saturday was mostly spent on doing makeup and the wedding itself, so I didn't get to do much.
So I had to finish title B on Sunday before I left for Knotts.
I was able to finish in the morning, so I restarted Princess Resurrection #4.

I'm about...1/4 of the way?
Maybe less?

I'm leaving for a business trip up north on Tuesday, so I'd like to finish it by today so I can take With the Light #8 to my trip in San Francisco and San Mateo.
(San Mateo is Yaoi Con).

AND I'm trying not to get sick.
My throat is hurting from the dry weather...


Thanks for your concern.
I could smell the fire, but no, I'm no where near the fires. ^_^

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