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2007 Fall Japan Trip Day 10

Kyoto day.
We had to get up pretty early because our "Kyoto Half-Day Bus Tour" left at 8:30am.

We first went to Kinkakuji.
Ah, beautiful.

No smoking.
And no building fires, either!

This stairway was out of limits.

So many kids were throwing coins here.

Remember to wear sneakers!

Then we went to Ginkakuji.

This is the Path of Philosophy:


It's really a shame the sunlight was coming toward me.

They made Ginkakuji look like the Kokedera (Moss Temple), so they explain the different moss.

Moss that are unwelcome.

Moss that are welcome.

Pant, pant.

After the long hike up, you get to look down at the Ginkakuji area.

The sign's translation was funny.

Four-flavored soft serve.
From the top it was sweet potato, Hoji tea, Green tea, and vanilla.

Then we went to Kiyomizu Temple.

But first we had lunch.
Nishin Soba!

For some reason, the bathroom had a sign saying they sell pantyhose.
Must be for the bus guide girls.

Then we hiked up the long hill up in the hot, humid weather to get to Kiyomizu.


The view from above.
So many people!

Our bus guide, Kayoko-san.

There was a long line for the Otowa Falls.

Stairs to the Jishu Shrine, where it's known for match-making.
I didn't bother going up.
It looked crowded.

It was field trip season, so there were hundreds and hundreds of students.

It was cute how the kids were drinking the academic water.
The middle one is for love, and the right one is for long life. (I think).

Then we got back on the bus and we went back to Kyoto station.

After the bus tour, we headed over to the Kyoto Imperial Palace.

This is where you show your confirmation number from your reservation.

There were about 30 people in a group. Mostly old people.

I think the guide said they used to have 317 events per year.
That's almost everyday!
This side only shows the first half of the year.

A picture of people playing soccer.

After the tour, we went to a manga cafe to rest.

Then it was time for suppon!

The store is hard to find.

Glad we got a taxi.
The taxi driver was surprised that two young (in suppon terms) girls were going to eat suppon.
The restaurant is divided up into individual rooms and you could hardly see the other customers, but from the laughter we heard they were mostly old men.
One of the waitresses did say geisha come, but their patron pays.

You get seconds on this one.

The second time around.

It was like a wishbone.

Then they make porridge.
You can choose if you want the egg yolk broken.
I chose to have it "tsukimi" style.

Dessert was the best ever.

Y got so drunk she doesn't remember much of the night.
We do remember that a waitress looked like suppon.
And we laughed A LOT.


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