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2007 Fall Japan Trip Day 8

I woke up early to finish packing and catch the first Shinkansen out of Nagaoka to head for Nagoya.

I arrived at Nagoya a few minutes after Y, who came from Osaka.
We met up on the platform and decided to eat kishimen, a type of flat noodle Nagoya is known for, inside the Nagoya station.
We got a kishimen & tenmusu set and shared it.
This is so we would still have an appetite for food at Ise.

It's official. Kishimen is my favorite noodle.
Before this it was a tie between udon and wide hofen.
I like thick and wide noodles.

It's short for "tempura musubi" and it's similar to what you would call a "crunchy roll" in the US.
It's just made with normal rice, not sushi rice.

We then headed for Ise.
We originally wanted to go by ferry (it would've been much faster), but I guess since it's still new there aren't that many ferries going out.
So we went by train.

This is a picture of a small, unmanned train station.
It's like the kind you see in old movies.

And we arrived in Ise!

We first went to Geku, or the "Outer Shrine," as this sign says.

Y took a smoke before we went in, because smoking (or building fires) is prohibited.

We cleansed our hands and mouths before going in.

Here we go!


There were many signs dedicated to "no smoking."
Shows just how much the Japanese smoke!

This is holy ground.

The main shrine, the Toyoukedaijingu.
I couldn't take pictures inside.

It was quite relaxing.
So quiet and a little cooler than outside of the shrine, because of the trees.

This is the site for the main shrine in 2013.
They dismantle the main shrines and build new ones every 20 years.

We then headed to the Naiku area by bus.

Look for this colorful bus!

We first walked down a bit for Ise udon.

We went to a place called Okunoya.
I got the hot udon, and Y got the cold udon.
They were both good.

And now, off to the Naiku Shrine!

The first torii.

The Uji Bridge.
This bridge separates our world from the world of the gods.

Views from the Uji Bridge.

We headed to the Isuzu river to cleanse ourselves, and saw two signs:

"Please do not enter the Isuzu River."

"Please do not throw coins into the Isuzu River."

There weren't that many people cleansing at the river.
They must've used the other place instead.
Before you were able to wash your mouth, but it's not allowed right now.
I think Y washed her mouth anyway, though...

It was so pure.
And actually, the current was faster than I expected.

I don't know if you could see it in this small picture, but the water is very pure.
It was so hot, I would understand why people would want to go in.
But it's not that deep.

The third torii?
I think I forgot to take a picture of the second one, because I was distracted by the bathrooms nearby.

The closest I could get to taking a picture of the Naiku main shrine.
It's called the Koutaijingu.

The new site for the Naiku shrine.

I took this on the way back, because it was interesting.
It's Kitayama Sugi.

After the Ise Shrines we tried going to see the Meoto Rocks, but it was too late.
We only made it to the station.

The station is shaped to look like the Meoto Rocks.

Meoto Rocks information.

A picture of the displayed picture in the station.
It must be nice to be able to see these rocks at sunrise...

We headed home, and ate akafuku at home.
It was gooooood.

It included a card that had to do with moon viewing, because we happened to buy it on the day of Chushu no Meigetsu.

It was a long and tiring day.


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