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2007 Fall Japan Trip Day 7

I left my aunt's place to go to my other aunt's place.

And my cousin took me to a local manga cafe so that I could work.

I took a "pair seat" that's made for two people because I wanted space to set up my laptop and With the Light.
I was surprised that the door was taken away...
I guess there were too many people using these "pair seats" for something other than reading manga.

Because it was a holiday, there were lots of family...and kids.
So I didn't really have the perfect work environment I hoped for.

I got some work done, but I was distracted because I was reading the manga "Suppli."

I saw the live action drama (with horrible acting from Misaki Ito and Kazuya Kamenashi), and liked the manga better.
It's like "Hataraki Man" but focuses more on the main character's love life.
Which is understandable..."Hataraki Man" runs in "Morning," and "Suppli" runs in "FEEL YOUNG."
(FEEL YOUNG is the magazine that ran "Happy Mania" by Moyoco Anno).
"Suppli" gives a woman's point of view more, since it runs in a women's magazine.

The story:
Minami is a workaholic at an ad agency.
One day as she leaves for work, her boyfriend asks what's more important: him or work?

That's a theme every working woman struggles with.

I've chosen work over men many times.
(And that's why I'm still single!)
But it was a book that made me think maybe having love in your life is important too.

Deadlines come before everything!

I hope she ends up with the guy she's currently with (at the end of volume 6).


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