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2007 Fall Japan Trip Day 6

I got up pretty much on time today, so I guess my jet lag is gone.
As I was working, various relatives visited.
Then my aunt said she would take me to see the Sea of Japan, so we left.

We first went to Kashiwazaki, which is where the most recent earthquake hit.

Big cracks.

Construction of rebuilding the houses aren't caught up, so I saw a lot of crushed houses.
Most of them had the tiled roof just sitting on the ground, like it was too heavy for the house to handle.

Fisherman boat.
It's so cute!

This bottle came all the way over from Korea. (North or South, I don't know).
By the way, this Kashiwazaki area is one of the places where Japanese people were kidnapped by North Korea.

We then headed up to a place called Tenryo no Sato.

I'm sure there were interesting places to visit, but we didn't go to any of them.

Yummy food. Mmm.

They had a flea market.

Biker guys resting.

I can't believe kids would get into the dirty water, but then again, I used to go in the water in the dirty waters of Venice Beach as a kid.

My aunt had Iwanori Ramen.

I had udon with mozuku in it.

You can see the mozuku in the udon.

We had salt ice cream for dessert.
It was this or Koshihikari ice cream.
But when I asked about the Koshihikari ice cream, they said it would be ice cream with rice grains in it.
That didn't sound too tasty.

We looked at food vendors to buy snacks...

...and we ended up with yaki dango (it was delicious!)...

...and seafood on a stick.
The picture on the bottom is hotate.
I couldn't take a close up picture of the sazae.

I briefly paid respects to my grandparents.

For dinner, we went to a local izakaya store with lots of yummy fish.

Chef doing what he does.

The "otooshi." This time it was crab.

Hirame sashimi with konbu.

Sashimi platter.


Round eggplant with cheese.
I usually can't eat eggplant, but this was good.


The hugest agedashi tofu I ever had.
Please compare the size to my chopsticks.

Kanpachi kabutoyaki.
Please compare the size to my chopsticks.

Tarabagani legs with garlic.

I was stuffed at the end of the night.


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