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2007 Fall Japan Trip Day 5

I got a little sick and it was extremely hot in Tokyo, so I ran away to Niigata to see my relatives on my mother's side.
It wasn't much cooler, but it was nice to get away from all the people.

I rode the Shinkansen there.
Luckily, I didn't have to ride the MAX double decker.
I hate that one.

This is the MAX double decker that was on the other side of the platform.

It's pretty tall, since it's two stories.

And I guess "MAX" stands for "Multiple Amenity Express."

There are instructions on how to recline the seat.

When I got to Nagaoka Station, my aunt picked me up and we drove to my former grandparents' house.
Since I didn't want to sleep and throw off my sleep schedule, I worked and did laundry until my uncle came back from work.

Then they took me to eat sushi.
The cheap kind, that goes around on a conveyor belt.

I like how convenient getting your own tea is at these places.

They also have desserts going around, but usually goes bad because they are exposed in room temperature.

Sushi menu.

Other menu items.

This is a close up of the menu items.
This is a hoozuki, a plant.
My great grandmother used to always make "dolls" out of these when I was younger.
I think this plant is briefly mentioned in Takekurabe too, but I might be wrong.

This is the aftermath of what we ate.

It was a nice, slow, and relaxing day.


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