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2007 Fall Japan Trip Day 4

I woke up at 3:30am AGAIN.

Yet I couldn't go back to sleep, knowing that it's going to kill me later...I had a long day ahead.

I got to Tokyo Game Show exactly at 10am when it opened.

I went straight to the Square Enix booth, hoping to get some Dragon Quest slime goods.

I only got some keychain with a logo on it.
(I didn't look at it closely).

I guess the Tenku series in Dragon Quest is all going to be released on DS.
I already bought the 4 remake on PS (without the 3D-ified graphics) and the 5 remake on PS2.
So I don't think I'll buy these.

I also played Itadaki Street on the cell phone.
After I played they gave me a really cute Chocobo clear file.

I walked around playing some other games.
The Wii game, "Minna no Golf" was hard!!
But at least I got a mini towel for trying.

I also played Grand Theft Auto, but I totally didn't understand how to play it.
I waited in line for a while to play it too.
All I got from the experience was a postcard.

There was one Sega game I liked, so I'll introduce it here.
It's called "PictoImage" and it's a game where you play with other people trying to guess what they're drawing.
I asked the guy there to PLEASE release it in English.
He said they were "looking into it," so I told them that there was a similar game on Yahoo games online a few years ago, so the USA should have no problem with it.
Let's hope it comes here.

Here is the link to the game (I forgot to take a picture):
The site is in Japanese only.

I met up with Y-san, an illustrator and manga artist, for lunch.

Then I met up with S-san from Company G to look around.
We then went to go see U-san from Company B before going home.

I was getting sick of the crowds.

Here are some pictures from TGS 2007:

Devil May Cry 4

Scary doll from Kingdom Hearts

Some Hudson event.

The Famitsu booth was small and pointless.

The long line to get a free demo for some game.

Chocobo posing for everyone.

I thought the Moogle was cute.

D.C. II mousepad with boobs.
The sign says, "Please feel free to touch."
I did. It was a little hard to be boobs.

After Tokyo Game Show I went back to the hotel to rest a little before my dinner with my former co-workers.
We went to a monja place with bad service.
So don't go to "Hyotan" on Ikebukuro Sunshine Road!

This is a picture of the aftermath of a monja.
The worker there scraped it for us, but sent burnt chips flying into our drinks and hair.

We then went to Wendy's to talk.
There was something called an "An Burger" where they put red bean paste instead of meat.
I would call it "Un-Burger," but that's just me.

I had coffee jelly (mm!) and iced tea.
The Costco card is there to show how small the "Large" drink is in Japan.

We talked until closing time because we were having so much fun.
Let's hope I'll see them again in March 2008.


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