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2007 Fall Japan Trip Day 2

I got breakfast at the nearest ampm (which isn't that close to me...but they have better selection).
I bought the following:

The natto maki was good.
No wonder Hiro (from Hataraki Man) eats it all the time.
The takana jako mentai was pretty good has my favorite onigiri ingredients in it, plus it's made with 8 types of rice.

I really recommend drinking this everyday.
Tastes much better than Metamucil.

Since I had free time, I worked on With the Light.

Then I went to lunch with S-san from Company G.
T-san and Yamaga-san were supposed to come, but unfortunately couldn't.

Here's some pictures of our lunch.
It didn't look like much because everything was so small, but we were FULL by the end of it.

Sorry these are blurry.
I was in a hurry to eat them before they got cold.

So we talked for a while about the industry, etc.
She was surprised that I translated Paprika in about a day.
But really, it seems to be the norm in the movie industry...

We talked about other stuff but I can't write them here.

On the way back to the station, I saw a shabby coin laundry place so I took a picture.
It looks like a shack!

When I got to the Company G office, T-san and Yamaga-san were waiting for me.
And we ate cake.
We talked a bit more, and towards the end Y-san himself gave me a tour of the building.

Everyone who was working on Guren Lagann were looking at me like, "who's that?"
I think it would've been better if I was in a suit, walking around looking important.
But I probably looked like Yamaga-san's niece or something.

I can't take pictures of inside the building, but I did take some other pictures.

Here's a the Evangelion Doritos.

They gave it to me as a sample.
I guess I have to eat it before I leave Tokyo.

Here are different designs.
These belonged to the licensing department, so I can't eat it.

Here is a picture of an Eva bicycle parked outside the building.
It's so cute!

Before I left, they gave me some stuff to take home.
Volume 2 of Guren's a pretty big box.

Nerv yukata.

A ticket for the Evangelion movie on a 3D card.
Since they felt I wouldn't be able to use that ticket, they gave me a normal ticket too.

And they gave me a bag to put it in.

Frankly, the bag was embarrassing to carry around in Shinjuki and Ikebukuro (even T-san pointed out that I should put the bag away into the duffel bag I was carrying, because I look like an otaku) so when they dropped me off at Shinjuku station, I quickly found a place to fold it up and put away.

I just arrived at Ikebukuro when H-san from Company C called me for dinner.
So I went to the hotel, grabbed stuff that I bought for them, changed, and rushed out.
My whole outfit had to be, that humidity!

We went to eat at an izakaya with a theme of "nostalgic Japan."
The prices were very reasonable too.

Chopsticks and matches.
The matches are not to be used for burning the's for the smokers.


This was my first time eating suiton.
I only know about it because I read it in Oishinbo.
It was good.

This is a ginger-honey drink.

We talked about a bunch of stuff.
I didn't know, but H-san is the same age as me (I found out when we both found out we're Dragonball generation).
And we get along because we have the same work ethics.
She's a pretty girl...and a workaholic too, so she reminds me of Hataraki Man Hiro.
She looks like Miho Kanno too (Miho Kanno will be playing Hiro in the live action drama series).

I got home around 10:30pm and fell asleep.
I've been awake since 3:30am. Wow!


Did you get to try the Doritos? What flavor are they? (Did it say ソルト? Doesn't sound so appealing...)

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