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2007 Fall Japan Trip Day 1

My airplane ride was okay.

It wasn't a full flight, but I had to share a section with someone.
Oh well.

Before I left for the airport, my mother was just telling me about how the movie "Ocean's Thirteen" used the sake that my uncle and cousin make.
I guess to thank Warner Brothers for "advertising," the company sent them a bunch of that sake.
It's supposed to be the best sake in Japan, but I guess that depends on preference.
At restaurants it sure is one of the expensive ones.

The sake referred is called Kubota.
The best one is called Manju.
I don't drink at all, but my uncle would give us some now and then and we just try it for the heck of it.

So in the movie Al Pacino says the word "Kubota" but unfortunately if I wasn't paying close attention, I would've missed it because it was pronounced weird.

I arrived at Ikebukuro, where I usually stay, and dude!
It's so crowded!
I thought it was a holiday or something (it's not).

I went to MatsuKiyo to buy toiletries and stuff.
Since it's next to arcades and pachinko parlors, I heard the Evangelion song the entire time.
I guess there's an Evangelion themed pachinko out or something.
It was playing when I came in March, too.

Well I guess it gets me into the mood because I'm meeting up with Company G people tomorrow.
S-san from G called to make sure I arrived safely.

I took a bath and now I'm going to bed.


I woke up at 3:30am.
Wow, I usually never get jet-lagged, but I guess I'm tired.
Or stressed out about deadlines and stuff?

So I took a picture of the new TV my hotel got.
I've been using this hotel since 5 or 6 years ago, and they keep getting better.
They got new fridges too.

Here is a picture:

They were just doing a segment on a 16-year-old girl killing her father with an ax.
Her reason was: "I hated my father."

Why did they have an ax?

I looked it up.
She bought it.

Wow. Not my weapon of choice.


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