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Santa Barbara Day 2

We arrived at the court at 7:30am.

There were many people sitting outside in the cold, waiting for jury duty.
How sad.

Anyway, we waited outside the courtroom and talked until the court was in session.

Before the temporary judge comes in we have a moment to exchange evidence.

Mr. O, the plaintiff who was suing me, came over and gave me some paperwork.
He also showed me some receipts and stuff, and started to explain how he lost his van and job after the accident.
He also said he hit his head and teeth.

My friend A was sitting next to me rolling her eyes (I'm assuming).

I felt that no matter what I said to him, he wouldn't understand, so I just nodded to whatever he said.

Eventually the temporary judge came in and we all got sworn in.

Ours was the first case.

Anyway, the judge heard his side of the story and my side of the story.
We gave our evidence and she ruled in my favor.


Mr. O was pretty upset...
He was still arguing with the bailiff when we left the courtroom.

We then drove back to LA.

On the way we stopped by Mussel Shoals because I always wondered what that island-like thing was.
I still don't know what it is.

Oh well.

Let's hope I could finish title T before I leave on Monday.


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