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Japan Trip Breakdown - Week 2

My second week of my Japan trip is pretty much set.
(I'm still working on my first week...)

Sunday I will be in Niigata to pay respect to my grandparents, say hello to relatives, and maybe go shopping.
Since my blood-related aunt who usually takes me around is busy with harvesting rice, my other aunt offered to take me around.

Monday I will probably go to Sado Island if time allows.
My mom says I won't have time to go see it in a day, but I think I can push it.
Besides, I really just want to ride the jet ferry.

Tuesday morning I leave for Tokyo to Nagoya.
I will meet my bff Y there and eat Nagoya food.
Maybe we'll go see the Nagoya castle, but that's not our main reason for going.
We'll go to Osaka later that evening, where Y lives.

Wednesday Y and I are going to Hiroshima.
She's never been to the Atomic Bomb-related stuff, so we'll check those out (this is my second time), then go to Miyajima.
I've never been to this is the first time I'll see the Big Torii Gate.
But our main reason is for the Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki.

Thursday and Friday would be Kyoto.
It's been many, many years since I visited temples, so I'd be like a typical tourist doing typical touristy stuff.
But our main reason is for food...

If you can't tell yet, this trip is what you call a "gurume ryokou," or in English, a "Foodie Trip."

Since my rail pass will expire on Friday, I'll go around Osaka starting Saturday and stay there until I go home the following Thursday.

I'll do most of my shopping in Osaka.

Let's hope that everything goes as planned.


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