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Japan Trip Breakdown - 1st Week

It's less than 5 days until my trip.
I've been busy with taking care of random stuff that I haven't been able to work.
I have a hearing to attend on Friday in Santa Barbara, I had several meetings to take care of personal stuff...

So it's decided that I'll be working in Japan.
A total of 4 manga...finishing up title T from Company TP, With the Light #7, E'S #4, and starting and finishing Princess Resurrection #4.


So I guess I didn't have to worry about finding things to do during the day in Tokyo.

My first week is pretty much set.
I arrive Tuesday afternoon, but thinking about getting out of Narita and taking the limo bus, I'd probably get to my hotel in the evening.

Last time I went I made the mistake of going out to dinner with some clients the night I arrived.
This time, I'll take it slow.
I have to go to 100 yen shops and MatsuKiyo to buy toiletries and etc.

I haven't thought of what to eat that night.
Yakitori, maybe?

Wednesday I'm going to visit Company G.
Then I am eating with people from Company C that night.

Thursday I will work ALL DAY and then meet up with my childhood friend for dinner.

Friday I have to pack up for my trip to Niigata/Osaka.
Dinner will be with former co-workers.

On Saturday I will be hanging out with OtaKoji, who has a blog called the Akiba Channel.

He will show me all things otaku in the new Akihabara.
I haven't really explored the new and cleaner Akihabara.
Perhaps I will wear a checkered shirt, a bandana, and fingertip-less gloves and walk around with a backpack.

When I went to Akihabara a long time ago with my friend Y, she was cursing herself for not dressing "up."
So I guess I'll do it for her.

Saturday night I will leave Tokyo to go to Niigata.


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