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Japan Trip is Set!

I bought my tickets for my Autumn Japan trip.
I haven't gone to Japan in Autumn for a while...
The last time I went was in 2005 for my grandparents' deaths.
My grandmother was hospitalized, and we thought she would go first, but then my grandfather had a stroke and died.

So when we went for the 49 days ceremony for my grandfather, my grandmother died the next day.

Anyway, I'm going for Tokyo Game Show, but I will also stop by Niigata to give my respect to my grandparents.
I am actually going to be able to go to Niigata on the anniversary of my grandfather's death. (Called "meinichi" in Japanese).

Then I'm going to Osaka to stay with my best friend.
But first we're going to meet up in Nagoya to eat kishimen (flat noodles) and uirou (sweet mochi) and other Nagoya goodies.

Then I'll stay in Osaka while visiting Hiroshima and Kyoto.
After my rail pass expires (I'm getting one for a week), I'll hang out in Osaka for about a week before returning to Los Angeles.

I emailed the Osaka expert, Ed from MangaCast, for recommendations where to eat.
He gave me a few (with more coming).
I am soooo looking forward to the great food!
If anyone else has recommendations on specific stores, please email or comment!


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