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The Cyberlodge Murders

So, the second Kindaichi novel is the Cyberlodge Murders.

This is a story that revolves around a group of people who met online.
This story was written in...1999 or something.
It was out of print for a while until 2004, re-released with a Kodansha Novels imprint.
(Before it was released with the Magazine Novels imprint).
With the Kodansha Novels brand, it looks less like a "manga-turned novel" and more like a normal mystery novel.

Okay, the story.
Hajime and Miyuki go skiing, and they get lost in the mountains.
Luckily, they manage to find a lodge where an online group known as the "Cyberlodge" were meeting up for the first time.
The group of seven were all "weird" (in Hajime's mind) because they all called each other by their handles.

And of course, someone is killed by a killer goes by the name of "The Trojan Horse."

But everyone in the group have alibis.
How did the Trojan Horse kill the group leader, "Soujou?"
What is the "incident" that connects the Cyberlodge members?

...sort of thing.

I liked this story the most out of the three I read so far.
And I guess this is the favorite among Kindaichi fans too.
It's really too bad that it has the lamest title...
But oh well.

There is an interesting trick the writer put in the novel that's only meant for the readers.

Some of the other novels are available in English through Kodansha, but they might be out of print.
This novel is a little harder to translate because...well, I can't really say because it would be a spoiler.

Anyway, this is my favorite.

The plot is similar to the one in Case Closed #20.
But I like the motive in Kindaichi better.
The trick is more interesting too.
But that's just my opinion.


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