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Kindaichi Novels

I bought some of the Kindaichi light novels that are out.

There are about...8 light novels out, I think.

I chose the ones that I don't know the ending to.
Unfortunately for some of them I saw the TV series first before reading the novel and I know the tricks and the killer.
The same thing happened with the manga too.

So I bought the following for now:
"More Murders at the Opera House"
"Cyberlodge Murders"
"Onibi Island Murders"

The "Cyberlodge" is a smaller size and actually, I like the format better.
The text is split up into two horizontally on each page.
It feels like there is less page-turning.
There are no images in here either, which I prefer with mystery novels.

The "Opera House" and "Onibi" have images, along with a flip book thing on the corner.

Anyway, I haven't had time to read any of it yet.
Light novels can be finished within 2 hours, so I'm waiting for a time when I have 2 hours to read it all at once.


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