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Love Package

The other day I sent Dai (Sato)-san a love package.

Well, it just had Samurai Champloo calendars, shot glasses, and the FLCL DVDs.

When I told him about the Samurai Champloo calendars, he really wanted one (and another one for the director).
I think my graphic designer F did the designs?
I forgot.

I sent him the shot glasses just for the heck of it.
He doesn't drink, so he probably won't use it.
I told him that I use those shot glasses to hold paperclips.

And the FLCL I gave him because I wanted him to see it with dubs.
Since he really liked how Stephanie (Sheh) matched Eureka, I wanted to show him how most of the characters in FLCL were matched.
(My personal English voices are Kamon and Ninamori).

Anyway, he emailed me to thank me, and he told me that he is coming to the US again.
He will be at Anime Fest in Dallas, TX during the labor day weekend with Ergo Proxy director Murase-san.

So if anyone is going, please go see him.
Sato-san is very frank about the industry, and he loves talking to US fans.
(Well, most Japanese guests love to talk to US fans).


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