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Left Shoulder Blade Pain

Today I had so much pain in my left shoulder, I couldn’t work all day.

So after my restaurant job I went to my usual massage place.

Jay, my guy, said that my whole shoulder is hard like a rock.

I do feel a little better but I think I need to go back later this week.

The next 2 weeks will be really busy.

One of my deadlines for Company DR bumped up, and I haven’t even touched it.
It is now due July 25.
I still have Title KP that’s due next week on July 19.

Plus, I got a call from Company S saying that they just got a bunch of work, so they want me to come in.

Hopefully Company B won’t be that busy, but I guess with Otakon coming up, I have to work on more stuff for Title G.

Speaking of which.
One of the promo items for Title G is done, and it looks awesome.
And the other promo item I just got in the email looks good too.
I just made a mistake in the “preview section.”
I forgot we read right-to-left.
Sorry to my graphics person!!


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