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Naked Bodies and Bathing Scenes

I'm (still) working on With the Light #6, and this is the volume where Hikaru goes on a trip for his school.

I'm currently working on the part of the manga with a lot of naked bodies and bathing scenes.

Gee, it feels like one of those seinen manga made for older men.

Oh, wait.
Since all the naked bodies are boys and men, maybe it's more like yaoi.

Of course, the characters don't do anything sexual.
The naked bodies aren't depicted in a sexy way.

It's weird.
This is probably the first time I see a public bath depicted in manga that's not fighting/action (Ranma 1/2) or sex (hentai/yaoi).

I hope my editor at Company YP doesn't get mad at me for writing about With the Light like this...

Anyway, volume 6 is mostly about Hikaru's school trip.

I remember I went when I was a 5th grader too.
I went to Philadelphia and Washington DC or something.

I don't remember much about it...I remember the Lincoln Memorial a lot, but nothing else.


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