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Shugo Chara #2 Questions

I got an email through this blog asking about what happens in Shugo Chara #2.

Just by coincidence, my Shugo Chara #2 samples arrived in the mail today!

So I will introduce it here.

The cover is ultra cute.
It's not only because my favorite color is blue, but Amu-chan has a really cute and mischievous smirk on her face.

By the way, please notice the title of the book on the cover.
I don't know what it's called, but the title bumps up.

In volume 2, Amu-chan goes through what we call a Character Transformation.
This is different from Character Change.
Character Transformation is much harder and you are much stronger as a Guardian Character.
Amu-chan transforms with Ran to become Amulet Heart, a cutsey cheerleading-type girl who is very athletic.

Hmm. What else?

You'll see more villains from the Easter group who are turning kid's Heart Eggs into X Eggs.
It's up to Amu-chan and her friends to stop them!

I'm glad I read volume 4 before re-reading volume 2, because now that I know Nadeshiko's secret, some of the little details in volume 2 make sense.

And my favorite character is Yaya and her Guardian Character Pepe.
They're really just there for comic relief, but they are cute and funny.

Shugo Chara #2 is coming out on the 28th, but maybe early bookstores have it already.
Please go pick it up!


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