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Koshihikari Rice

Hm, I keep writing about food.

Anyway, in With the Light #6, there is a tiny reference to koshihikari rice.

Koshihikari rice is the most popular brand of rice in Japan.
And it's believed to be the best, although people from other regions may say theirs is the best.
I can't say otherwise, because I've only eaten koshihikari and California rice.

My mother is from Niigata, where they make koshihikari.
So obviously she grew up on koshihikari, and is actually quite judgemental about any other type of rice.

I eat koshihikari every time I visit my relatives there.
And because they send my mom freshly made koshihikari every year, my mom has a stock too.
So I can eat koshihikari occasionally at my mother's place.

My sister and I were just talking today that maybe our mother is not good at making fried rice because our mother grew up with koshihikari.
They must always have fresh rice at every meal.

Since my mom is picky with rice, she throws away old rice constantly.
Fried rice is made using old rice (a day old or so), and maybe they never kept around old rice in Niigata.

I would never make fried rice with koshihikari though.
It's expensive, and I would think it's a waste.
Or as the Japanese would say, "bachi ga ataru."
("You'd be punished by the gods")

By the way, I wrote this in the translation note too, but koshihikari really does "shine" when you cook it.
It's really pretty.


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